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Dear students, dear parents

In times like these, with climate change, a rising rate of inflation, a pandemic and a war in Europe it is not always easy not to be worried and to recognize and to pursue your own interests.

We need to talk. That requires time, space and people who just listen to whatever your worries are. We address your worries and concerns in our college. Our core subjects economics, business studies and Europe are also at the center of approaches that help to understand many of the current problems.

Classes provide space for concerns and discussions with new and old friends and classmates and teachers. Internships in regional companies, in Dublin/Ireland but also meetings with young people through Erasmus programs or rhetoric seminars give you the opportunity for exchange and help with your personal orientation.

Our department heads for vocational school, specialised secondary school, BÜA and higher vocational school maintain contacts with several hundred regional training companies. This enables us to effectively support you in your step into professional practice. 

Even a school is not a stress-free space. School success requires performance and commitment from you. Whenever necessary, social educators and caring teachers are there for you. We support you, our students, on your path to graduation in a way that challenges the strong and provides the individualized support needed by all who are committed to their success.

You are welcome to inquire further during our office hours.

Thank you for your interest in Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule.


Karl-Friedrich Bätz



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